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What is binary plan in mlm - info

About Binary Plan

"The Binary compensation plan is one of the most reputed multilevel compensation plan which turned much popular with the quality response from several MLM Companies. The positive reviews and the productivity turned this software extremely effective and people can enjoy the powerful features."

An effective binary compensation plan gives value to all members and the best part is that the plan comes with an "equality" oriented approach. Active people in any industry will gain profit with great ease. Based up on MLM leads new distributors are placed on the left and right legs, thus the tree grows on and on. Also, a well-balanced system makes the plan active.

MLM Soft India binary MLM script can easily modify the rules, values, designations in accordance with the MLM company decisions. Flexibility is the major advantage of our binary plan software.

Types Of Income In Binary Compensation Plan

Binary MLM companies offer various compensations for the team to make them motivated and active. As mentioned before, most of the binary direct selling company gives binary compensations based on the weaker leg. Some companies may have the carry-forward option of excess sales to next commission period. To increase the stability of the binary networking system, the companies may limit the payout to a certain amount. We are providing the authority to make changes in the plan to all these compensations & rules in our customizable Binary MLM Software.

Binary plan income and bonus explained

Binary/Pair Matching

It is the profit gained after recruiting new members in the downline. For each direct referral, the recruiter gets a referral bonus that is calculated depending on the percentage of the present amount.

Binary plan income and bonus explained

Binary Royalty

In this plan, when a certain set target (sales volume) is achieved by members within the defined time, then all the eligible members receive certain percentage of amount as bonus as per the company's rule.

Binary plan income and bonus explained


The bonus is based on the sales of the downline members. Companies decide the maximum bonus to be given & is calculated according to the plan. This plan has a restriction on expenditure or pricing (capping).

Binary plan income and bonus explained

ROI (Return on Investment)

This types of bonus keep members motivated and energetic to work more. Here, the member gets certain percentage of bonus amount on daily basis, depending upon the companies' policy.

Binary plan income and bonus explained

Binary Rewards

This is given to the person after completing the specific tasks that is positive for the development of the company. When members achieve set target within the pre- set time, they get reward bonus.

Binary plan income and bonus explained

Binary Level

The member is paid a percentage of the group volume of each breakaway below the downline to a decided number of generation. On successful completion of the level, the company sets certain percentage of amount for each.

Binary Bonus

The compensation plan is all about adding more sales to the downline who supports a lot in increasing the bonus and earning profits. Once filling the downline perfectly by balancing both legs with active members, the tree gets completed and the user will get the bonus as per the work of the downline members, this is called "the binary bonus".

However, these bonuses are subject to "capping" and this work in accordance with the set of rules regulated by the company.

With our software package one can even get carried forward the amount which can be used further and it depends on the plans the user picks. Referral marketing companies can choose fruitful plans using the package which is provided from our side.

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