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E commerce integration in MLM Software – MLM Crew

E-commerce MLM Software Integration – MLM Soft India

Today, E-commerce has become a vital part of the MLM business for merchandising products and services online. MLM Crew provides supportive integration for any e-commerce platform to facilitate online sale and services.

E-commerce integration of MLM Crew helps in achieving significant success because of its features and functions. It enhances the business to a whole new level of marketing which helps the user to interact more efficiently. With the shipping and selling features of MLM Crew, direct-selling modules can provide enough space to attract new customers.

Today, in this blog we will talk about the features and benefits of E-commerce integration in MLM Crew software but before that let me tell you how it can boost sales. So let’s begin.

How E-commerce Integration in MLM can boost direct selling?

MLM business is very much depended on their distributors and the level of marketing. MLM Crew e-commerce integration comes with full features and modules that manage sales and customer relationship and marketing. It gives easy to use interface that can be operated by every non-tech person. Below I have mentioned some points about boosting sale through e-commerce integration.

Features of E-commerce integration in MLM Crew

Our MLM software has unique features that set it apart from other software. All members in your team can see complete downlink in a tree form/ they can modify their own downlink/ user can have a view into the system for report generation.

Following are some other essential features-

Service Categories & Customized Product- MLM Crew provides unlimited customized product and service categories for clients to add any number of product categories and products. No matter what type of e-commerce business is yours our MLM Crew software will be well suited.

Multi-currency Support - MLM Crew provides multi-currency support so that you can deal with international customers. Our software supports almost every currency in the world.

Unique Shopping cart Layout - We provide you a professional and unique shopping cart layout. MLM Crew has multiple layout options which are designed within the latest module.

Shopping History Record - It is one of the essential features of MLM Crew. it can be used to analyze user behavior.

Payment Gateway Integration - With the use of MLM Crew you can integrate any payment gateway to your e-commerce platform and accept the payment from anywhere.

Mail System - Internal mail system is used to send message to other users and ask queries to the admin.

E-Wallet - The E-wallet in MLM Software is known as a medium for online storage that holds information for the transactions of the E-money without going through the user data every time while conducting the transaction.

Member Management - Our MLM system provides the business team to manage the member, access control, IP-blocking, blocking & unblocking of members.

Reports and Statistics - Track income, expense, business reviews, and profitability, using our online MLM Software transactions reports & graphical statistics insights. Both business & customers have access to such a set of reports.

The uniqueness of MLM Crew Software

Our E-commerce integration in MLM Crew comes with the latest technology because of which you can collaborate with any type of e-commerce business. We provide endless features and all the features can be easily customized according to your need.

If you want a separate module for your business, we will provide as required. For your help, our technical support team is available 24 hours.