IVR /Toll Free Number

Are you looking for IVR or Toll Free Numbers for your business?

Are you ending up spending several hours attending to customer calls or making telephone call to customers for various business activities? Choose our automated IVR solutions that are tailored as per your requirement to cut down on costs and time which our hosted on our servers.

Now, your customers can interact with your company’s host system either through their voice or telephone keypad. It is as simple as you choose / change your caller tune or check unbilled amount from your telephone service provider. Now, your customers too can do the same, saving a majority of your time.

Our interactive voice response helps your customers to get the information instantly without waiting for the customer support executives to provide it. The best thing is that, we can customize the IVR menu as per your business requirement.

The main advantage of this service is that, your customers don’t end up waiting in the queue for several minutes to get information or service. Many of their queries can be attended through IVR transaction instead of wasting the time of customer care executive. Only the top priority queries can be routed to them.

Over the years, We have customized the IVR menu to hundreds of clients with different volumes of business in various fields. It is the most chosen service in today’s corporate world as it adds amazing flexibility to business operation. Just avail our hosted IVR solutions and take your business to a new level. Are you ready for it?

Now you can provide a pleasant calling experience for your customers, no matter how small – or large – your business is. We offer virtual phone numbers, call-forwarding, call-routing and call-recording to make your inbound sales or service plan more effective than ever.

Some Key features are

  • Auto handle your calls
  • Professional Greeting
  • Welcome SMS To Customer
  • Automate Call Forwarding
  • Instant missed call notification
  • Call Recording
  • Call Logs
  • Online Administration
  • Integration of IVR with Software
  • Toll-Free Numbers