ADVANCE is the second package of the MLM CREW which is much more scientifically designed to provide more comfort ability for the MLM businessmen. Its user friendly and time saving options provide pace to the businessman activities in the busy hours of his daily schedule.

Website in advance version package of MLM CREW comes up with more sophisticated and modern features like your business plan will be presented in animated form as well as in Power Point Presentation. Services additional option will be inserted on the Home page of your Company's Website. This version is packed up with the listed features:-

User panel

  • Online Registration
  • Update Profile
  • Online Tree View In tree view display all statistics report on mouse over
  • Left Downline
  • Right Downline
  • e-Pin Request
  • e-Pin Request Report
  • e-Pin Transfer
  • e-Pin Details
  • e-Pin Transfer Log
  • Payout Report
  • Welcome Letter
  • Online Joining Receipt
  • Change Password

Admin panel

  • All reports of User Panel
  • News Master
  • Update User Profile
  • E-Pin Request Report
  • E-Pin Creation
  • E-Pin Transfer log of All Users
  • Payment Report
  • TDS Report
  • Joining Report
  • Members Details Report
  • Business Statistics Report
  • Business Statistics Report (Graphical View)
  • Product Delivery
  • User Loan Management
  • Reward Paid Unpaid Report
  • Cheque Printing
  • Statement Printing
  • Print Welcome Letter
  • Print Receipt
  • Print Payout Report
  • Change User Password
  • Change Admin Password

Domain Registration

  • All reports of User Panel

Web Hosting

  • Shared web hosting
  • 500 MB webspace
  • 500 MB SQL Server Database

SMS Integration

  • 10000 SMS Credits
  • 10000 SMS Integration
  • 10000 SMS Sending Software
  • Registration SMS
  • Payout SMS
  • 10000 SMS CreditsSoftware is integrated with automated SMS deliver on registered mobile no.