MLM CREW (ERP Solutions)

ERP SOLUTION's of MLM CREW are the most flexible and innovative solutions in the whole industry as they are design with a view to reduce the fiction of work in your organization. Their customizing features provide you the freedom to materialize your organization needs at one place and in a systematic manner. No stone is left unturned to design the ERP Solutions for you by our dedicated team of experts having years of experience in the similar field. ERP SOLUTIONS’s tools will make your business more responsive to change. The usability of the software makes your work force more productive and speedy result oriented. ERP Solutions are developed with a set plan out i.e. Select- → Implement → Train → Expand. Developed to give agile speed and accurate result to the different areas of work in your organization as these modules are built in with the sets of program to provide pre-training to the users. The listing below presents the ERP SOLUTION’S tools:-


  • Business Plan Modules & Management
  • Payout Calculation & Reports
  • Members Control Panel
  • Admin Control Panel
  • e-Wallet Modules
  • e-Pin Module
  • Cheque Printing & Label Printing Module
  • Franchise Module
  • Finance Resource Management
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Sales Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Dispatch
  • Content Management
  • SMS Integratio
  • Mobile/DTH recharge

Business Plan Modules & Management:-

A perfectly design module to cater the need of business plan and management of your organization. Providing a clear edge solution to your business plan related problems and managerial problems. It encapsulates all the features which are necessary to provide a unique solution to your business. Friendly features make it a user friendly and comfortable in handling by a layman also.

Payout Calculation & Reports:-

ERP Solution's payout calculation & report module is a breakthrough in the MLM industry. Incredible features are built in to give the most accurate payout reports every time without a bug. The most desirable module of the ERP SOLUTIONS as it play a pivotal role in synchronizing all the payout reports in the proper format and as you desire being it date wise, selective date or rather before the payout process etc. An ideal time saver and the most accurate result oriented module the industry had ever seen before. The reports generated by it are the most comprehensive and unambiguous. Power packet module of ERP Solutions offer other features also:-

  • User friendly Payout front end
  • Details Business reports before Payout Process
  • Selective dates payout process
  • Payout budgets input & output Clear analysis
  • Fully Designed Payment Vouchers for members
  • MIS Reports, Payout Analysis & Summary Reports
  • Cheque Nos Updating and BRS with banks
  • Selective Cheque printing
  • Tool for Bank reconciliation statement (BRS)
  • Payouts for all Integrated business Logics
  • Simple Tools to answer customer queries
  • Reward

Member Control Panel:-

Our ERP Solutions experts had harness all their expertise in developing member control module and came into existence with a revolutionary approached module to overcome all your business hurdles at a one go. You can consolidate all the best possible tree view of your members into the business. Below list is mentioning the features:-

  • Registration
  • Members Login -most secured and features system. A member can have more facilities to operate this business and down line follow-ups. The below are the unique links usually provided.
  • Profile
  • Genealogy Tree View ( Graphical View )
  • Genealogy Print view ( Tabular Format )
  • Account Statements ( All payouts with multiple pages )
  • Reports ( Down line Analysis reports )
  • Rewards Calculators ( for Seasonal / Bonanza Offers )
  • Online Receipt
  • Online Welcome Letter
  • Change Password

Admin Control Panel:-

As it is the most crucial module in the ERP Solutions and effect universally to all the parts of the organization therefore developed with at most care and strategic logics. It is developed with the ideology that business owner's a second is precious hence screening of all details are kept with most comfortable access and availability within micro seconds on his monitor screen.

  • MIS Reports
  • Joining Option Management
  • Individual Reports
  • Profiles manager with Multiple search criteria
  • Quick Login (Login to Member Back office without password)
  • User manager
  • Self & members password tools

e-Wallet Module:-

E-Wallet module is kept easy operational emerging from the fact that user should easily get access to their wallet account. Both the Admin and User options are kept feasible for every individual.

Admin Option

  • e-wallet MIS Management
  • e-wallet Password
  • Block/Unblock E-wallet

User Option

  • Fund Transfer
  • Pin Creation
  • Payment Request
  • Change Password
  • Necessary Reports

e-Pin Module:-

Developed with the researched logical and in systematical order so as to generate correct and accurate pin for each entry. The reports generated in E-Pin module are very convenient to understand and easy to generate within seconds.

User Option

  • PIN Request
  • Pins ( Used & Un Used with search )
  • Necessary Reports

Admin Option

  • PIN Management or Sign Up Approvals
  • Members PIN sales or payment Approvals
  • Pin MIS Reports

Cheque Printing & Label Printing Module:-

Cheque Printing module is developed with an ideology "a second save is a dollar earn for a businessman". Issuing a cheque every time is a big hassle task for a businessman this module keeps you away from getting on your nerves.

  • Payout Cheque Printing
  • Individual Cheque Printing
  • Envelop Printing
  • Label Printing

Franchise Module:-

Your expanded business is always at risk if it is not controlled and monitored effectively and for this you need to have fully equipped system with advance featured module to have overall control on your business with just a click away. ERP Solution's Franchise Module is a sure short solution to your search. It will overcome all your challenges to manage your Franchise business sitting far away.

  • Raising stock orders to stores
  • Stock inwards from stores
  • Stock levels
  • Intra franchise stock transfers
  • Customer Billing
  • Stock Returns
  • Franchise MIS Reports
  • Members PIN sales or payment Approvals
  • Customer Support related queries
  • Franchise VAT Reports
  • Commissions calculations for Franchises
  • Selective dates payout processing
  • Commissions budgets input & output Clear analysis
  • Fully Designed Payment Vouchers for Franchises
  • MIS Reports , Payout Analysis & Summary Reports

Finance Resource Management:-

The most influential part in any organizational setup. A bug in finance of a Company can be reason for a big problem. The finance should be maintained by a sound system which is developed under the observation of an expert in finance. ERP Solution's Finance Resource Management is developed under the guidance of learned Chartered Accountant of our Company to give the best in the whole MLM industry.

Account / Group Creation >> Monitor credit days >> Monitor Discount against Bill >> Monitor Interest against Bill >> Monitor TDS.

Accounts Receivable and Payable >> Receive Bills >>Monitor Outstanding Payable and Receivable >> Pending ST Forms >> Cheque Printing >> Due Date Wise Analysis

Document Entry:

  • Cash Payment
  • Cash Receipt
  • Bank Payment
  • Bank Receipt
  • Journal
  • Expenses
  • Issue ST Form
  • Receive ST Form
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Setup

HRM (Human Resource Management):-

Most valued asset of the organization is its Employees who constantly add to the growth of the Company. A sound HRM unit tends to be backbone of its Company. Human Resource Management maintenance is as crucial as of Finance Resource Management of a Company. Vast documentation is needed in this department which makes it very essential to centralized all the details in a proper and systematic order so as to flourish within second at the time of need. The complications are very wide in this department hence a lot of care is taken in development of a complacent software to cater all your business need in HRM.

  • Employee Details
  • Bifurcation of Employees – on salary / on contract
  • Employees Skill Matrix
  • Allowance/Deduction Creations
  • Salary Slip Generation
  • Monthly Employee Register
  • PF statement
  • Professional Tax statement
  • Gratuity
  • Salary Register
  • Bonus Register
  • P.F. Register

CRM (Customer Relationship Management):-

Business is successful if its customer is satisfied. A satisfied customer always bring new business opportunity to the business, this fact is universally accepted and appreciated. Keeping the record maintaining of this essential element of the business is the most fundamental task and hence arises the quest for a sound software module to provide a perfect base to the Customer Relationship Management.

  • Customer Communication
  • Customer Complaints
  • Customer Satisfaction/Feedback
  • Customer Need Analysis

Sales Management

ERP Solutions sales management module is comprehensive module developed with a focus to give a proper format to all the sales activities in your business. Its each segment is a unique solution to all the sales management process of your business.

  • Executive Management
  • Activities Tracking, Agenda & Schedule, Daily Call Report
  • Conveyance Maintenance
  • Training Details
  • Territory Management >> Lead Tracking >> Target and Incentive Calculation >> Monitor Distribution Network (Product, Distributor, Zone)
  • Monitor Sales Budget

Inventory Management:-

Inventory is the warehouse of a business and fulfills the day today requirement in the business. The most complicated department of the business as it involves a lot of things to keep a track record and seeking this scenario its gives an urgency to have a sound proof software module to ensure all the requirement of your inventory. With this perception in mind ERP Solution's Inventory Management render the best services in the whole MLM industry.

  • Receive requisition
  • Monitor requisition as per stock
  • Check availability with supplier
  • Place orders
  • Maintenance and automatic updation of suppliers and database
  • Receive material


Daily office activities involve so many task of dispatching in your business. To streamline all the tasks is as essential and prominent as of maintaining accounts of the business. Dispatch Management is very crucial in the business. ERP Solution's Dispatch module gives a compact and most reliable solution to your business dispatch management.

  • Receipt of Finished Good (FG)
  • FG Stock Maintenance
  • Packing of FG
  • Billing
  • Dispatch of FG
  • Physical Condition Verification Control
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Dead Stock Control
  • Supply Scheduling
  • Reports   FG Stock Status
  • Supply Schedule
  • Dispatch Verification Report
  • Damaged/Rejected/Dead Stock Report of FG
  • Delayed Dispatch Analysis
  • Order Vs. Supply Analysis
  • Other MIS Reports

Content Management:-

Internet is the best media to circulate the news throughout the world. ERP Solution's Content management gives you the best possible result in the whole MLM industry. The most attractive format and concise pattern is design to flash your Company's news through your website. The most trusted solution in the market for your content management is ERP Solution's CMS.

  • News Management
  • Rewards Management
  • Monthly Reward Management
  • Home Content Management
  • Contact Information Management
  • Feedback Reports

SMS Integration:-

Today's era is Mobile Connectivity era. Every individual is connected through a wireless device called Mobile which provide the facility of instant messaging service called SMS. Your business clients are instantly connected to you through mobile you just need to have a connecting media and that is SMS. Our company's SMS Integration is the most profitable deal to be connected to your business clients every time. SMS can flee to the at most distance. So, why not use this as a business opportunity for your business and flourish it beyond boundaries. Quaere's SMS Integration is the ultimate solution for sending BULK SMS.

Mobile/DTH Recharge:-

Software is developed to reduce manual work. Providing solutions to recharging conditions Quaere's mobile /DTH recharging is prepared and launched into the market first of its ever kind. Hassle is overcome through this software and flexibility is increased in recharging area. Mobile Recharge is a fully compact solution to give recharging new dimensions through internet facility in the present market. Quaere's mobile recharging software gives your business an easy way to recharge your client's mobile/DTH recharge with just a one mouse click move for the Admin as well as User both.

  • Mobile/DTH Recharge Balance Report
  • Mobile/DTH Recharge Details Report
  • Mobile/ DTH Recharging Failed Detail Report